Gentle Gardens is all about you.  We invite you to come and see our gardens and what we have done with a 65 foot wide lot in the heart of the city…we created an environment of trees, shrubs and perennials…we would create the same for you.

After you see our little “arboretum”, as garden coaches our design takes place one-on-one with you on your  site.  In a initial consultation, we assess the garden and ask lots of questions.  We find out how you will be using the space, what you would like to create…how will it be seen from the inside, etc.  From there we  put together a plan of the next steps you would like to see happen in your landscape.

Gentle Gardens is ideal for:

  • Working on a specific focused area
  • New homeowners getting a fresh start
  • The gardener who would like some new ideas
  • Redesigning or updating current gardens
  • Amending soil and maintenance considerations
  • Restoring a natural balance where people and gardens co-exist

A landscape often has shade and sunny areas and we maximize those strengths by taking pictures at different times of the day to get the amount of sun that is available…most sun loving plants are at their best when they have 4-5 hours of sun a day.  And vegetables need 6 -8 hours to fully produce those most desired edibles at the end of the summer.

Cookie cutter yards are a thing of yesterday when everyone used the same plants to keep up with the neighborhood…not anymore…there are so many choices and so little space!  We design areas that are unique and have balance with the people who will be living in and among the gardens.

Lasagna gardens, native gardens, trees, shrubs, container gardens, teaching and coaching…plus working around the wild creatures…lasagna rose gardens, berms, composting and mulching…updating gardens, moving gardens, and amending the soil to better accommodate the plants are a part of  the services we offer.  We create gentle spaces where human hearts and souls become one with the land.

Creating a diary book for our clients of  information on the plants they have selected and different suggestions on the ways to continue the process…gardens and landscapes actually evolve…they are ever-changing…a tree is lost…instant sun…a tree matures…gradual shade…a weeping tree becomes a focal point…and the birds sing…it’s all there by Gentle Gardens.

A Gentle Garden’s client considers what inspires them, and the goal of what an outdoor space means.  What is the approximate  budget, and who will perform  maintenance.  Gardens can be low maintenance but not maintenance free.

Free estimate…Master Gardener  graduate.  Call us at 612-861-5519