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Strengthen and protect your body’s most important muscle.  Heart disease – a name for the dangerous buildup of plaque in your arteries that could lead to an attack or stroke can be less of a risk by learning what those risks are and doing something about them!  “Heart attack is not just a man’s deal…it […]

So…what about no snow in MN? We gardeners think we need lots of snow for spring plants to prosper…however, the run-off from the snow is actually more of a flood danger rather than helping with the moisture level. The ground is frozen and will accept very little of the water as it runs along its path. What gardeners will be praying for is an early spring rain…Now is the time to go out and do some of that winter pruning of trees and shrubs. You can see where the limbs are crossed and where the branches are too close together…trees needs to have some space for the air to whistle through and that also helps the undergrowth. The health of your trees depends upon you. It is easier to care for trees than to take an old one down and wait for the time for it to grow up into a healthy addition to your landscape.


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Snow, rain, ice on the trees…beautiful pictures…no electricity so time to watch the birds and other life; including Sugar Bear enjoy this MN morning. Be safe on sidewalks and side streets and in dark houses…

House Plants

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House Plants in winter…it’s that time when they start looking a little ragged. As the light source changes; consider different lighting options. Maybe the temperature now is very drying for the plants. Are your house plants dusty…clean them by a light wiping with soap and water…and check the undersides for bugs. Because of the heat they may be drying out too fast…keep them watered, but not tooooooooo much. Good Luck from Gentle Gardens.

Healthy heart muscles are products of good nutrition…how we eat, when we eat, what’s going on in our lives of eating. Example… (hiding snacks, skipping meals & then stuffing, stressful eating, and munching). Do your heart a favor and redirect your nutrition into a love relationship vs one that takes you to heart attacks or strokes. PS Planting vegetables in Gentle Gardens is a real plus. We’d love to help you do that…gentlegardens@

Turtlehead is the common name…and it’s a host plant for butterflies. Beautiful plant as a backdrop for shorter plants all season long. And when it blooms…it’s an eye catcher. Plant one or several, you’ll be glad you did. Gentle Gardens has several in different areas.

Great Pyrenees dog

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Thelma, a Great Pyrenees Dog, lost in Lakeville. Very shy, don’t feed her or try to catch her. Call animal control if you spot her.

Thomas and I have been married for 20 years in October…and we have shared many things together. We dreamed about having lots of trees, shrubs and flowers in our yard in the City. We began slow and create one garden, and then took away the grandchildren’s football field and planted two more gardens…and we are still creating new areas and we even started a business called Gentle Gardens…A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality-John Lennon

Finding our passions lets us enjoy many things, we care for our homes, we care for our “things” but we love each other…”Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, HOW MUCH A HEART CAN HOLD”.-Zelda Fitzgerald


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The word cupola is derived from the Latin cupella, meaning small cup, because of their resemblance to an upside down drinking vessel.