Come See Our Garden

We invite you to come share with us our Hide-a-way in the City…we call it our Mini Arboretum. You too can experience the joy and fun of sharing your garden.  People drive by and stop…they say, “we just had to stop, your gardens made us stop!”  When you can make others happy…having them stop and walk in and among the gardens, seeking out the peace that comes…when you can do that for others, well, you too have created and shared a ‘gentle garden‘.

We are trees, shrubs and perennials in various gardens: wild and native, rose, lasagna, heritage and even a ‘farm’ with Miss Piggy.  There are strawberries, rhubarb, and grapes.  While perennials ebb and flow, a sprinkling of annual pots complete the story.  We created garden art, added the Old Man in the Tree, and Samson, our ‘garden cat’, high on his perch, watching out for our friends, both real and pretend…life is good here in our sanctuary where time stands still.

Come, sit for a while, you are always welcome!  Bring your coffee in the morning and enjoy the Finch on the thistle feeder…bring your wine in the evening and enjoy the Cardinal who feeds just as the sun is at dusk…bring the kids to see the white squirrels who run in and out of the back forest…bring your soul and it will bring you rest.