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The birds have changed their songs.  Robins, Blue Jays, and Cardinals are all calling mates.  A Blue Jay was raiding the squirrel feeder of whole peanuts this morning.  I went out in the snow and rain and filled up the fly-through feeder with more sunflower seeds and peanuts…after that the Blue Jay sat in the feeder and kept the peanuts all to himself.  Greedy guy!  The male Cardinal sat on a tree limb waiting his turn.

A white squirrel determined he would try to leap from the tree to the fly-through feeder…after several attempts he almost made it…and knocked lots of the peanuts on the ground.  Now he was busy protecting his stash by chasing off the gray squirrels.  Glad our electricity was out for a couple of hours because I had a chance to see the wildlife doing their best work.

It’s a beautiful day in MN. Ice on the trees, snow on the ground, and raining.  Sugar Bear is pretty bedraggled looking…she is out dancing in the snow.  All is well.

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