Wild Turkeys

Jan. 4, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Wild Life

Where are all the wild turkeys coming from? I saw this one in Burnsville a couple of weeks ago and then on my way to church last week a large flock  was running along the road side in Edina.  They seem to be all over the city!  Actually, according to the latest information on them, they were reintroduced in MN and in the 1970’s they began to settle here.

Now they are hunted legally in the spring and sometime harvested in some of the metro parks when it becomes over crowed. Turkeys eat almost anything they can catch, insects, frogs and snakes, ferns, grasses, grain, buds and berries. I wonder if they know that the great horned owl will get them if they don’t watch out…and in Richfield there is a fox that might enjoy one for lunch.  Speaking of lunch…I am curious about the meat of a wild turkey…would it be like a corn fed big guy from Lunds. Guess I’ll never know…

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