Want a fun and lovely park to take MN visiting out of town guests? Our garden club went to see the Lyndale Park in Minneapolis, and we were there a long time. Smile.  We were amazed at all of the gardens…we actually had NO IDEA!  And, we live in the area.  Most often Tom and I visit the Rose Garden…it is a short distance from the main theater building…and Sugar Bear can generally make it that far…that is, if we can pull her away from all the people who want to see her.  The collection of roses is extraordinary, today it  consists of 62 central beds and border beds along the interior and exterior perimeter. The first peak bloom starts by mid June and continues into early October. It’s well worth checking out if you haven’t been to the rose garden yet.

There are other gardens…the park is really  considered an arboretum and now houses a collection of over 350 woody plants well suited to inspire us Gentle Gardeners. It has quite a history, the first trees and shrubs were planted around 1910.  The Mens Garden Club of MN plant several All America Selection displays, plus hummingbird and butterfly gardens at the northwest corner of the park.

The University of Minnesota has five perennial trial gardens and three of them are located here.   Data is collected from the five sites in the state and that information is published on the University of Minnesota Plant Trial website.

We’re not finished…located behind the trial garden is a border area backed by large evergreens. The Men’s Garden Club of Minnesota designs the area with low maintenance and hardy perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses…again for inspiration for the home gardener.

There is also a delightful Peace Garden and in 1999, it was designated as an International Peace Garden. It exhibits unusual conifers and alpine plants from other peaceful areas and these are enjoyable all year long. There is a connecting bridge and located at each end of the bridge are peace poles inscribed in several different languages that read, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”.

There are other gardens…perennial and annual display gardens, the Phelps Fountain, and the Heffelfinger Fountain…and the list goes on. I can’t recommend this park enough as it really is a peaceful and gentle.  Gentle Gardeners…go and be inspired…it will take at least several trips to take it all in.

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