What a fun topic. I have a Christmas Cacti that was my Mom’s. She gave me a slip over 45 years ago. That was at a time when I really didn’t know anything about anything…except her plant was so pretty when it bloomed…large pink blooms, mostly around Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, she let me know, was because she didn’t have a dark closet to put it in for most of the day hours. I laughed. Who is going to go that? Plenty of people, I guess, because there are always Christmas Cacti blooming at Christmas.

I took my little piece and put it in real dirt…that is until Mom let me know that it should be Cacti dirt…mind you it’s soil not dirt…gosh, now I have to get special soil…and I suppose as long as I’m there, might as well get a pot…you know, a fancy one, all glazed on the outside. Nope…it has to be clay so it can breath. Ok, then. Cacti soil, clay pot, dark closets…what is this plant anyway? All I wanted was a little green on my coffee table.

Now, after years of gifting pieces to others, and giving out Mom’s instructions, I have a lovely, long blooming, pink, Christmas Cacti that blooms at Thanksgiving…that’s just ‘cause I don’t have a dark closet to keep it in…go figure.


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