It seems natural to talk about the language of seeds and love: Gentle Gardens is planned so that we can share God’s creation of seed-bearing plants and trees, to teach about wildlife as it relates to God’s gift, to care for the soil by enriching it with compost that adds nutrients for future generations, to protect our waters from pollution and runoff of ground chemicals, to prune the trees to give them air circulation and strong roots, to be a gentle gardener. These are seeds of love.

Genesis 1 is all about creation of the land to produce vegetation, seed bearing plants and trees, day and night so the seeds and plants can grow, birds of the field, living creatures, livestock, all that move along the ground, wild animals..and man. Deuteronomy 26:9…”He has brought us to this place, and given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey”. These are seeds of love.

And so, we garden, and we speak gently: Honest compliments and praise is a big deal. Sitting quietly, giving undivided attention is more valuable than an expensive present.  Smiles and flowers, share tokens of  affection. ‘I adore you” is help with the watering.  A gentle touch, a wink, arm around the shoulder, feelings of love.  These are seeds of love.

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