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bee_flower_honeyOccupational hazard! Pulling weeds in a natural garden and Zing!  Zing! Zing!  Three Zing’s in 1 second…that’s pretty good for those little fellows…my itchy, hot, golf sized lumps are a great reminder that we share this land of milk and honey.  Unsuspecting me, just minding my own business and getting into trouble.

These little guys were merely defending their queen and I got in the way.  They sure were angry, chased me across the street before turning back.  So, I got some ice cubes to soften the sting…sat down in the shade with a BIG glass of water and contemplated what to do next…as my tools were in a cloud of bees, I used my long handled hoe and pulled them to me, and moved on to another garden on the same property.  Very cautiously I began the task of weedings and thinning shrubs.

No further attacks for the day. So, I am grateful, only 3 stings and all is well. This is the time of year that the bees are in full swing with all of the flowers; of course, it didn’t help that I was working in a natural garden full of clover, birds foot trefoil and crown vetch.

PS.  The homeowner was convenienced to leave them alone and not use spray on their nest.  I am grateful.

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