Sugar Bear…getting her nails cut by her wonderful vet, Dr. Debbie. Sugar Bear loves Dr. Deb until she shows up with the orange clippers in her hands.  Such a funny time today, I held Sugar Bear like always and all of a sudden she made a big push and I landed totally on my back with a 120 pound dog on top of me.  The funny part was, she laid very still and Dr. Deb finished the job in record time…AND Sugar Bear didn’t run away afterwords as usual.  Who knew, after all these years I only had to hold her on top of me and the job is over in minutes.  I will say one thing, though, she was heavy!
Sugar Bear turned 12 this month…we are so grateful for her wonderful care from Dr. Deb and the Southdale Pet Hospital in Edina…it’s a great place to take an animal…they will get the best care possible.
Blessed Day to everyone from Sugar Bear, the Gentle Giant at Gentle Gardens

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