Valuable organic matter…Paying for the privilege of have it hauled away!  The kitchen is a great place to start collecting material for a compost bin…coffee grounds and banana peels, used tea bags, vegetable peelings and lettuce outer leaves, are all great material that the soil just loves.  Leave out meat scraps, bones, fat, fish and other non composting material such as dog or cat droppings.  These items may create a smell and/or attract unwelcome critters to the garden.   Gather leaves and grass clippings, and plant material to add to the compost area.

A compost pile needs air to citculate beause bacteria and fungi need oxygen to decompose.  Layer the mulching materials to create the pile, alternating layers of brown, dry material like leaves, straw and hay, with layers of green material like grass clippings, kitchen waste and manure…that is if you know a horse or cow. Smile.  By using compost we have the ability to mimic the natural process that occurs in forests.  With compost and mulching we generate healthy, productive and low maintenance ecosystems.

(Be sure to check with your city’s ordaniances…some have specific requirements about a compost bin…how big it can be, where it can be located and etc.).

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